My fame knows no bounds…

All I did was post an innocuous little comment on the BBC website about how Peugeot and Citroen should evaluate the 107 and C1 respectively because the accelerator has a habit of sticking and I get a call from the BBC asking me to be on the radio that night. Well, as nervous as the idea of being on radio may have made me, I couldn’t exactly say no to that kind of opportunity, could I?

Here is an audio of my radio debut… I don’t sound too retarded.
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”BBC Kent – Jonners asked about his car” dl=”0″]
Probably only works on

It made me also remember the other times that I have been in the news, on tv or elsewhere. So here is a probably incomplete list of where I have turned up… (not that he’s bragging or anything – beth)

Being held by Princess Diana
When I was a wee one, my Mother took me to the deep depths of Crawley for the opening of a new hospice by Princess Diana. In the process we got ourselves in all the local papers and a royals’ magazine… the pictures then turned up again in the local paper when she died.

sky news
So perhaps King Kong is not as good as I thought it was at the time, being too long and a bit dull in places. Still, going to the premiere got me on TV and showed me that attending premieres is quite fun.

sky sports news
Working at Fulham Football Club and being a Fulham fan had many perks, not least a 10% discount and the ability to watch every home game for 2 seasons from the stands… for free. But one Christmas I also got on Sky Sports News with Jimmy Bullard’s arm around me.

BBC featured comment
I felt like a right pundit getting myself up on the BBC website as the featured comment, complaining about there being no Canadian Grand Prix last season.

I am sure I was also in the West Sussex County Times a few times but I don’t have images or proof of such things. I remember taking toys to Horsham hospital and having my photo taken for that. I also managed to go to Parliament to get an award from Cherie Blair for our class having one of the five best class newspaper in a nationwide competition. I may also have gotten slightly known amongst my peers for winning every prize a boy could win following our trip to France in 1998… not entirely sure how, I guess it had nothing to do with being able to speak French.

That all being said I am hardly even z-list celebrity status am I… I am also sure that most people have been in the news at least once. I would be interested to hear about where you have appeared!

My BBC debut was on the Radio Kent Afternoon show with Dominic King on Thursday 4/2/10