Y’know what Top Gear is right

Top Gear was right even if it was meant solely to incite hatred in Alabama when they announced that ‘nascar sucks’.

This year I have again tried to watched the Daytona 500… For the first 120 laps of the race it held my interest and I thought it was an interesting thing to have on in the background while doing other things. I watched the 2009 race and they called it off for a small shower. That is wimpy and dumb, certainly I can see why the way nascar and indy car runs it would be near impossible to maintain in the rain. People are there to see a race not to see caution flags thrown because of a bit of rain or a driver losing a wing mirror…

Todays Daytona 500 though has been delayed… twice for a hole in the track. Apparently the track itself was last serviced in the 1970’s… Hmm, its a race track, it hosts Nascar’s biggest race, and you think that you don’t have to resurface it for 30 years? Once a decade is probably passable but 30 years and you are surprised the think is developing holes and causing red flags?

If you want me to watch Nascar you need me to be able to watch a race without stupid stoppages. The fact is that Nascar is for rednecks who like big crashes but I want to see racing… I saw 120 laps of fairly good racing and then they stop it for something dumb. It is also noted that Nascar has now lost its live coverage in this country for this season, that just shows that sensible racing fans are noticing how daft this sport is. Also if these guys are racing drivers, they’ll be fine dodging a hole in a track or missing a wing mirror. Sure I’ll give it one more chance this season based on the quality of the first 125 laps but if next race I watch is this dumb then bye bye nascar. Oh and also take better care of your sodding race tracks you nutters.