Tidying up a bit

I have tidied up some parts of the blog template that have been annoying me for a while. At the same time I have also added a new feature.

The categories are now near the top so they are easier to find, still not perfect but definitely an improvement. At the same time I’ve improved the twitter widget I am using and also added my xbox gamercard as well. If you have an xbox feel free to add me. I have also added the link to my amazon wishlist back in as well in case you have a need to buy me something… not sure why you would but just in case…

Lastly I have started allowing registrations so that you can now sign up so it remembers your login for when you post comments. I will eventually move this functionality over to the gallery as well when I make changes to it later in the year so if you want to make comments sign up to make it easier for yourself in future.

Also let me know on this post if you want any other changes made or have any issues with the site.

Thanks guys.