Ebay – again

So this morning I got around to picking up Adobe CS2 from the post office. On the way home I opened it up, I found that the disc was two tones of white and the image on the disc was slightly compressed. Expectations were therefore not that high when I got home and chatted with Adobe via their website. I gave them the product key and they informed me that the key was not valid. Yey for more non-official products on ebay.

The problem is that I am seeing Photoshop as something of a necessity but no necessity is worth £600. On the plus side the seller is willing to give a refund so no real loss just a waste of time. Sometimes trying to stay legal is a right pain in the backside…

On the up side for ebay I have bought four playstation one Formula One games for a total of £9 the two that have arrived so far have both been of working and good quality. So it seems ebay is great if you don’t intend to spend a lot of money, if you do then it and the people on it will screw you over.