Fun times in Crawley

Last Sunday we had our first karting event of 2010 which also represents the first ever Talote Racing championship race (sad huh?). Information is going to be slightly short due to two things, first we had no-one to take photos and second we were not provided with any lap times barring our fastest as their printer was broken. We therefore had to just remember our fastest times

We turned up at the track and were led up to the second track (which we had never seen or raced before):

I led the field out followed by Craig and we just felt our way around the track. Our first impressions were good, the track is wider than that downstairs but the ramps are steeper and so the weight disadvantage I experienced was worse. It also had some bumps in the circuit one of which at the most tricky braking point. On heading back down the ramp for the first time at near to full speed we came across Rachel Ross and Cathy coming the wrong way round the track. Rachel hadn’t followed Beth and had somehow turned the wrong way out of the pitlane meaning Craig and I came barreling down the hill towards them. It was dangerous and a bit silly.

Once everything got going Craig dropped off my back as I got stuck behind Cathy struggling to pass her after catching up after my uphill disadvantage she was good though and kept to the racing line. Eventually I had to resort to a little helpful nudging. Craig meanwhile having dropped back and found open space managed to set the fastest lap of the first session. Towards the end of the session I was confident but getting held up and was caught and passed by my sister at the end, she had also been going quite well.

It seemed from the first session that it was a great circuit for keeping people close. I found that there were only really two corners at which braking was necessary and thus the speed meant that there was less opportunity to really fall back. The headline fastest laps at the end of the first session were as follows:

1. Craig King
2. Jonathan Little
3. Helen Little
4. Beth Little
5. Catherine Leopold
6. Thomas McCorkell
7. Rachel Ross

At the end of the first session I got some stick for giving nudges to ease my passage past various people, personally I think my sister was worse but hey.

As I followed people out of pits in the second part I immediately came across my sister giving Cathy a wee shove out the way which I hope proved my point. Anyway the second session once everyone had gotten used to the track showed everyones true pace. It seemed that we were lapping Rachel Ross once every two or three laps and although he was gaining confidence Thomas turned up quite a lot as well but as was pointed out after he has barely driven anything before.

Towards the end there was a big old battle between Craig, my sister and I on the track and we all stuck together for about 5 laps. I could tell places where I was faster than them but I could not find a way past. Really seeing as the session was about fastest time I guess I should have dropped off the back of them but hey it was a fun battle trying to get past the other two drivers who were on my pace. Then about a minute from the end of the session I managed to get past Craig following a small mistake, I then made a big mistake though and found myself in the barrier. This followed a previous attempt when while we followed my wife she spun at a tight turn, Craig took one side and I took the other, he got through safe but my avoidance action on my wife put me very hard in the wall. I hope she appreciates how hard I worked to miss her. Also at the end of this session I got my own back on Craig for christmas by banging into him at the end… not quite as good but I’ll take it.

The second session contained a second red flag (the first of course being the pair of drivers going the wrong way round the track). This one was caused by Beth spinning and somehow stalling her kart. The stoppage was called as the driver had to go and restart it. Nothing serious.

Session 2 times (also overall fastest laps)
1. Craig King (faster in S1)
2. Jonathan Little (faster in S2)
3. Helen Little
4. Catherine Leopold (faster in S2 and overtook Beth)
5. Beth Little
6. Thomas McCorkell
7. Rachel Ross

After one round the championship standings are as follows (an explanation of the scoring scheme is below):
1. Craig King – 14 points
2. Jonathan Little – 10 points
3. Helen Little – 6 points
4. Catherine Leopold – 5 points
5. Beth Little – 4 points
6. Thomas McCorkell – 3 points
7. Rachel Ross – 2 points

The top 8 score points:
1st: 10 – 2nd: 8 – 3rd: 6 – 4th: 5 – 5th: 4 – 6th: 3 – 7th: 2 – 8th: 1

In a practice scenario (like this):
2 points for fastest in each session
1 point for second fastest
1 point for beating a previous personal best (set on a different day)

In a race:
2 points for fastest lap
1 point for second fastest

2 points for pole
1 point for second

With three events to go then, Craig holds a good lead. Unfortunately we are not certain he will make the next event but fingers crossed eh?

Also if anyone who went has stories of the sessions then feel free to comment.

We are currently voting on when our next event will take place on our facebook group:!/group.php?gid=343599396053&