Who are you?

A (bad) lecturer at university while making a point about out chosen documentary subject of immigration (a terrible terrible idea for a film in every way) asked the question “How many of you are British, how many of you have a grand parent who is not British?” I was slightly surprised to be the only person in that class not to raise his hand.

Now I realise that a group of 12 students at what is currently the 87th best University in the country may not be the ideal sample group for a country with 61 million people but I was still surprised by the fact I was the only person who could claim nationality here for more than one generation. If (in a theoretical unlikely to happen) immigration were stamped out then how different would things look when the same question were asked again in 20 years time. I somehow think things would take a turn for the worst. It raises a question of what it is to be British and the picture is something that the BNP for one would despise. We have turned into a multi-cultural country and that is in many ways a good thing. In other ways though it is important that we hold on to our own culture, we have a past that shouldn’t be forgotten and we should not be afraid to mention our culture or religions to others. This is especially true of the media that currently treats religion like a plague that must be avoided at all costs.

To finish, the question also made me wonder about my friends. How many of you can claim that your grandparents all come from the same country as you do (whether Britain or elsewhere) and if not do you feel like commenting on your genealogy? Just thought it might be interesting to share.