Christmas, a time for Jesus, excitement, fun, awards lists, and of course Go Karting. The finale is taking place on the 27th December so expect a preview next week along with the likely championship possibilities.

The provisional entry list is as follows:
Ceri Almrott -Rookie
Stephen Franklin – 2nd event
Patrick Hill – 6th event
Felicity Kensett – 4th event
Craig King – 3rd event
Beth Little – 7th event
Beverley Little – 6th event
Helen Little – 6th event
Jonathan Little – 8th event
Trefor Little – 6th event
Thomas McCorkell – 3rd event
Sarah Penberthy – Rookie

Should be a good time.

As I mentioned above there will also be lists. Here are the dates I would like to get things out on:
Sporting Events of 2009: 29th December 2010
Films of the Year: 30th December 2010
Review of the Year: 1st January 2011
Game of the Year: 3rd January 2011

I am also considering adding ‘update my blog more’ to my new years resolutions but I figure like most resolutions it will fail. That said, I’ve kept this years ones.