Karting rule changes

The rules at the beginning of the karting season assumed that the majority of people would take part in all four events. As it has turned out that has not been the case with only four people taking part in every event and one event being cut completely.

The rules at the start of the year were as follows:

  • Points distributed on a F1 2009 basis – (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1)
  • Additional points given for pole and fastest lap (2pts for quickest, 1pt for second)
  • Points from all races will count towards the final total.

Following consultation the rules have been changed thus:
Points are given on the F1 2009 points scoring basis but no points will be given for pole or fastest lap. Instead these points positions will be used in the case of a tie break. In addition the results from the two best finishes will count towards the final total.

The reason for this is to make the finale more exciting, it changes it from being an unlikely two driver fight (I could easily win with a 5th place finish having not won a race to Craig winning both his events) to being a tight four driver battle for the title.

The priority in terms of deciding championship position will be as follows:
Points (points gained in best 2 events from results only)
Finishing positions (from best 2 events)
FL and Pole points (best 2 events)
Result of discounted event
Complete tie

2011 will also follow these rules but also add the following:

  • The points system will be changed to maximise number of finishers receiving points and match the BTCC method (15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1)
  • A driver receiving two (or more) black flags in an event will not have his result counting towards the championship but will not lose their result (other drivers will not be promoted)
  • championship events will not cost more than £45

There will be three events again in 2011 with the races run between February and August.

Preview and permutations to come, additional rules may be suggested below between now and the first event in February.