Sporting events of 2010

Well I asked my father if he was interested in doing this list again. He then struggled to think of any decent sporting events this year.

Well here are a few from me instead then.

This year’s F1 world championship may have started slowly but it turned out to be a cracker with 5 drivers in contention with two races to go. The final race may not have had a lot of passing but it showed how important strategy is in Formula One. Many have said the current field of drivers are the best of all time and the cars are certainly closer now in terms of performance which means that 2011 should also be a cracker.

The super bowl between New Orleans and Indianapolis in February was always going to be a good game. These were two teams who had won every game in the first 13 weeks of the season and clearly a cut above the rest. Indianapolis went in favourites but this New Orleans team showed a lot of spirit as it took the fight to them and came away the victors.

I can’t really comment on the premier league champions Chelsea as I can’t stand them (as a Fulham fan I have to hate them).

As you can see my list is rather short this year. If you have any sporting events you enjoyed that I have either not seen or forgotten feel free to comment below.

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