So that was 2010

Welcome to a new year everybody, glad you could make it. I have realised the downside to full time employment is a great lack of time to do enjoyable things. Therefore this years list may be a little harder than usual.

5. Winning my first sporting prize
I’ve never been good at sport so what is the best way to win a sporting title? Thats right, start your own one with the only thing you can do, driving fairly quickly. The fact is I tried to make it more difficult for my self keeping as many people in contention as possible into the last round.

4. Thanksgiving
Slightly smaller than last years and the final in our current flat (yes we are moving, I will post pictures in Feb). A lovely evening with friends, football and glorious food. Followed by video games till 4 with Craig and Paddy. Aah bliss.

3. My wife becoming permanent
My lovely wife is now a permanent resident in the United Kingdom, the task of getting it done may have been expensive and boring but for years of future happiness I can let it slide.

2. Christmas with my family
Theres nothing quite like making your parents remember how to handle you for two weeks is there? (on the plus side my father got a computer out of it)

1. Going to Denver
My trip to Denver was a definite highlight this year. Not only did I get to see some beautiful mountains with Beth’s family with trips to Rocky Mountain National Park and Glenwood Springs but I also got introduced to baseball and finally saw my Broncos win a game live (I’m glad I did as they have been pants this season so it was a rare occurence and I got back to losing ways at Wembley). Looking forward to a couple more trips to Denver this year.

Disclaimer: You may notice a distinct lack of Silverstone in this list… I intend for this to be a list of the best things that happened in the year and while grandstand seats and the race itself were definitely epics the weekend was fairly well ruined by the little **** who decided to break our rear windscreen. I also didn’t include jury duty… because it is as boring as you have been told.

I would be interested to know what my readers enjoyed about 2010 and what they are looking forward to in 2011?