Film of the Year

Maybe we are just getting that little bit older but 2010’s films did not particularly hold my attention. There were a few breakout films but the industry seems to be spending far too much time shovelling average products with spangly (and poor) 3d that the actual films themselves are being affected. As such I saw fewer films this year than for about 8 years. Below though are my wife and mines favourites from the year.

10. Iron Man 2
9. Shrek Forever After
8. Eat Pray Love
7. The Lovely Bones
6. Knight and Day
5. Harry Potter
4. Death at a Funeral
3. Scott Pilgrim vs the World
2. Inception
1. Toy Story 3

Jonathan (a.k.a me)
5. Scott Pilgrim
4. The Lovely Bones
3. Toy Story 3
2. Kick Ass

And the winner…
1. Inception
Christopher Nolan does it again with this wonderful mindbending masterpiece. Nolan’s world makes the story convincing and the acting is superb. This decades Matrix? Hopefully so without the silly sequels.


My wife picked Toy Story 3 and I can see why, it was the end of a journey that started when we were 9 and it was a fitting end to the series that kept the style of the previous films. Worth it just for nostalgia and to feel like a kid again.

My intention had been to do a top 10 as my wife did but after coming to seven (Shrek and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo just missed out on the top 5) I fell into films which while ok were nothing particularly special. Iron Man 2 for example held so much promise and potential but other than great opening and closing 20 minutes was fairly dire. So heres hoping that 2011 offers more promise, from the outset it doesn’t look like it will, Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern hold little interest for me. Pirates is living on well past its sell by date, only Tintin has me interested at this point. We’ll see something might surprise me, 2012 though looks more promising immediately though with the next Batman installment and the possible appearance of the hobbit. Hold on in there folks, its gonna be a wait but it’ll be worth it.