Jonathan’s new voting scheme

So the government are currently tying themselves up in knots about electoral reform. The lib dems and to some extent labour (probably because they lost the election) want a change from the current first past the post system where the candidate in an area with the most votes gets in. The solution that will be voted on is called the Alternative Vote (AV). This system is obviously more complex as voters rank the candidates in order of preference. If a candidate gets more than 50% in the first round gets elected in his constituency. If no candidate has 50% then the candidate with the fewest first round votes is eliminated and the second choices are added on and so on until someone has over 50% of the vote.

This seems like something of an improvement but I can see it taking longer for the votes to be counted and sorted it (you know I do love a bit of a election night tv)…

My solution would be for everyone to have a single vote as currently. The parties themselves rank their candidates from 1-600 in order of preference with their top candidates ranked lowest. The candidates are then elected solely by share of the vote across the whole country. You would have each constituency first declaring the number of votes made and then it would centrally be worked out how many votes equals one seat. Every time a party gets enough votes to win a seat they get an mp elected in order of their given ranking. This would for example guarantee that lib dems with 23% of the vote actually have around 23% of seats instead of their measly 9%. The problem comes with divvying out who is mp for each constituency… I haven’t got that far yet, nor have I worked out how to make it work well for independents, any ideas?

Everyone would surely bemoan my system keeping us in an endless cycle of no one party having a majority but um… well shucks I guess we would then be a better democracy.