Over 1,000 posts in

Last week my blog passed 1,000 posts. This was obviously helped by its past life as my daily diary but it still seemed fairly impressive. Possibly just for the fact I haven’t given up on it yet…

My first post was here (it is post number 544 as I used to use a different blogging tool):

Its tone kind of sums up over half of my blog posts, as a diary my blog was kind of dull and my writing was a lot worse than it is now (if you think its still bad that should give you some idea how bad it was six years ago). Since leaving university it has seemed harder to get these posts out, the daily diary format fell by the wayside, mainly as it was a tad dull and in addition things have generally only gotten more boring thanks to the joys of Full time employment. I hope that the new direction of the blog is interesting to you and may provide more of an insight into my interests than my diary once did.

I just did a quick check and so far this blog has been comprised of around 330,000 words by me. Five people have provided content with the majority obviously coming from myself. The blog has received 600 comments. The most comments on a post is 14. There are two posts with this number of comments: http://jonners.me.uk/b/621 http://jonners.me.uk/b/870

Both get a bit silly…

So, to the next thousand. I can see it taking me a little longer than 5 and a half years this time around, though if I can continue at a post every two days then who knows.

If you have any suggestions for improving the blog let me know.