Moving house

So the move is over. After numerous car trips and a lot of packing and unpacking we are all set up in our new home.

Images of our house and the move are here

My first post on the move got us through our trip to ikea and the putting together of said ikea furniture (or most of it). The following weekend Beth went away to a get together for Methsocs and so I enlisted the help of my parents to help me move our things between homes. My attempts during the week to rent a van proved too late and none were available… at least not at a price I deemed reasonable. I was therefore expecting to have to do multiple trips – maybe four. On their arrival at 11 we set to work quickly; my Father and I worked at filling the car, my Mother at sitting in the car ready to drive between houses. The first trip we made a fairly sizable dent to the pile of items in the lounge, while the drive around the city took a long time, we had gone towards Wincheap which is a roundabout that often gets clogged, I didn’t think it would be too bad on a weekend – I turned out to be wrong. We arrived at the bungalow and struggled to get the car into the driveway… we didn’t hit anything this time and went in backwards. I gave my Mother the tour as we unpacked the car and then off we went for more. My Father and I carried on moving our belongings down the stairs and into the car. By lunchtime we had done only three trips due partly to the traffic we were experiencing at Wincheap. We then found a lot more that needed to go in cupboards and realised that we could be there all day. Before lunch we did a trip taking both cars so that my Father could also get over there. We relaxed for a short while and then went for lunch at the wonderful Refectory cafe near our new house.

After lunch and it was back to work. We figured we would do another couple of hours worth and then see about putting together some furniture before dinner. We got another three trips in and moved all the larger items over, this time though we travelled a quicker way around town (the Sturry way) which made the driving time a lot less and sealed in my mind that this would be the way that I would be going to and from work every day. By the end it seemed that we had gotten most things over and so we were happy if exhausted (well I was anyway). We then tried to put together the bed but found that there were screws missing from the package (why was I going on about buying local again?) so settled on bookshelves instead. I rewarded my parents with dinner, although we did have trouble finding a table. The Mexican restaurants (yeh sod you Top Gear, Mexican food rocks) we usually eat in were full so we settled on Zizzi next to the church. The meal was lovely and I would like to say a big thank you to my parents for helping me out with the move.

On getting home I talked to Beth and then fell asleep rather quickly.

Sunday had me stewarding in the morning, when that was done I went to our new house and contacted people regarding the evening service for which I was also stewarding. I then set to putting up the desk and tv tray and trying different layouts in the lounge. I also started the tidy up. At about 3 I headed for the bedding shop and picked up the missing screws and then went to our old flat which was starting to look a little empty. Stewarding also went well in the evening and Beth and I then went and got some dinner from Wetherspoons.

Monday evening we did a Sainsburys shop and then headed over to the bungalow and put together the bed. On the Tuesday we went to see the Kings Speech which was enjoyable. On Wednesday night I started work on the chest of drawers and took another load of stuff over while also doing all the cabling and taking the guinea pigs. On Thursday we decided that we would move in that night (a day early) so while Beth was at Group with No Name and Ichthus I did three more trips to get absolutely everything from our old flat. It looked very bare when we left and it was slightly sad. I then finished the chest of drawers and tidied up some. When she came home we were moved in and I celebrated by going to bed.

So it only took 12 car trips to do (which was annoying) but as you can see from the pictures it is a lovely little bungalow. The driveway may be a bit narrow and the shower a bit piddly but overall it is much better… if just for the quiet!

On the Saturday we finished off the tidying early and then filled our car with cardboard and other debris from the move. We had to do two trips to the tip there was so much cardboard.

The only other issues have been with the internet. It appeared on Friday but was unusable, a call to BT on Saturday showed that DNS was not working, BT told me to set each computer to (or similar) which got me online… sort of, I got access to all UK based websites but not US servers. How does that work? I quickly switched to opendns but it is a pain that this had to be done on each machine. During the week I started using a netgear router that allowed me to set the dns on the router itself. Then Thursday it started to only work intermittently (after a day? impressive). It turns out the phone cable in the lounge is now faulty (I blame guinea pig nibbling. I’m now back to the homehub in the study, I’ll eventually try the netgear again and also moan at BT but while this is working for me I can’t be bothered.

So thanks again to my parents for helping out. Thanks to Fran for coming to ikea with us and once the niggles are sorted we are going to be very happy here.