Count your blessings this Lent

A couple of years back at Putney Methodist Church around the start of Lent I was drawn towards the Christian Aid Count your Blessings campaign during lent.

As we enter this important time in the Christian calendar I hope that you will join me in raising money for this worthwhile cause. Each week I will post on here the blessings to be counted in the coming week. Feel free to either publicly comment on how much you have raised from the thoughts that they raise or just let me know that you are taking part.

To start off (realising Lent doesn’t start for two more days) here is an idea of what you can expect.

Wednesday 9
Ash Wednesday

On average, each person in Britain eats 3kg (6lb) of chocolate every year. In Nicaragua, Christian Aid provides farmers with cocoa seeds that cost 10p each.
Give 10p for every bar of chocolate you have eaten during the past week.

The remainder of this weeks blessings will be available from Wednesday or you can download the full pdf from the Christian Aid website