Count your blessings this Lent – Week 1

For information on what I am trying to do please see this post. I hope you will consider raising money with me during Lent.

Here are the thoughts for the first week:

Wednesday 9 – Ash Wednesday
On average, each person in Britain eats 3kg (6lb) of chocolate every year. In Nicaragua, Christian Aid provides farmers with cocoa seeds that cost 10p each.
Give 10p for every bar of chocolate you have eaten during the past week.

Thursday 10
Each household in Britain throws away an average of 4kg (9lb) of food and drink every week.
Weigh your kitchen rubbish on the bathroom scales and pay 50p for every kg (or 20p for every lb).

Friday 11
Christian Aid works with farmers in 42 countries around the world to help them access equipment, markets and training.
Give 10p for every country from which your breakfast came.

Weekend 12 & 13
Sunday marks the end of Fairtrade Fortnight. By offering fair prices and protecting producers from fluctuations in trade markets, Fairtrade directly benefits 7 million people in 58 developing countries.
Give 50p for every packet of non-Fairtrade tea, coffee or hot chocolate in your home. Reflect on the great changes we can bring about in the lives of others by making small changes in our own lives.