Youtube need to vet their home page content better

You might think that the ability to view content on the internet is a good thing, that TV channels should be placing their programmes on youtube no matter what the content of the programme may be.

You would struggle, however, to convince anyone that it was a good idea for the youtube home page to display an image of a man pleasuring a naked woman with a vibrator as the UK youtube home page is displaying today. The show unsurprisingly is on channel 5 and is called “sex: how to do everything” and I am sure it is very popular amongst teenage boys but it should not have a place on the youtube home page even if it is allowed on the site in the first place.

The offending ad is on the right here, with the naughty bits quickly censored by me.

Youtube is a site frequented by people of all ages, it does not place an age restriction on use of the site as a whole and so it is insane that this content should be allowed on the home page.

What is more it is not possible to complain about said content. Go onto the video and it gives a short warning about the nature of the content and you can vote to ‘dislike’ the video, however, when you attempt to mark it as inappropriate you receive the lovely message that “Flagging is disabled for this video.” Great thanks guys.

Seriously youtube and channel 5 should know better. I don’t expect immediate filtering of content itself but there must be a conscious decision for this to appear on the home page. Channel 5 publicity stunt? probably…