White screen of death

My lovely little Samsung NC10 has been having some trouble recently. It is possible it is having some kind of inferiority complex reaction to the hype that tablets are getting or some such nonsense. Whatever the reason, it has decided to join a multitude of other NC10’s by white screening especially when plugged in.

The issue is not with the computer itself but with the connection between computer and screen. Beth has had similar problems with a laptop before and I think at some point in a laptops life it is one of those parts most likely to fail – you would hope though that such failure would not happen within two years of getting the device.

Not being one who enjoys paying repair bills I decided to do that great IT task… the bodge job. I found that by pressing the screen in the bottom left corner you push the cable against its connection thus bringing back the normal desktop. I then quickly got bored of squeezing the screen and decided to find a way to do it automatically. Queue rummaging amongst various types of clips (paper clips were unsurprisingly a waste of time) till eventually I gave up and settled on a post-it note folded several times.

I then fitted the post-it between the plastic outercasing and the screen and voila the screen works now. Some modifications and refining may be required in future to help visibility of the taskbar but it is a start.

In future I may y’know open the outer casing and resolve the problem permanently but that requires marginally more risk to the device.

On the matter of tablets other than quicker boot times I don’t see a reason to pick a tablet over a humble netbook, I can do more with a proper keyboard any day.