NFL lockout

Now I’m not going to pretend I properly understand the current pay disputes in the NFL. The sport’s current Collective Bargaining Agreement that decides the split of funds between the sport, the owners and the players has now expired and the owners want a bigger piece of the pie.

From the NFL’s current pot of $9 billion a year the owners currently get $1 billion – this is split between the 32 owners and is hardly spare change. The owners though want this to double to $2 billion. The players though see this as a loss of revenue for them and so are fighting the change. As of Friday night talks had broken down between the NFL and the players and the Owners are looking at imposing a lockout to keep the players out of the team’s facilities.

Now the thing with negotiations is that compromises are generally needed. In my eyes the owners have lost a lot of respect from refusing to show the other party that they actually require this extra $1 billion by showing their financials, it just makes them look greedy which isn’t a difficult charge to level at them really. They are not the ones who put themselves on the line on a weekly basis and while the players may be just as greedy as the owners at least you can say they actually earn their money.

The crux of this post though is this. I subscribe to NFL Gamepass, I have done for the last two seasons plus several weeks in previous years. I love the package and the fact that it allows me to watch as many games as I want each week. But if there is uncertainty in the sport you are paying to watch then what is the point in subscribing or of lining the pockets of those who can’t get it together enough to realise that the sport is about the players and not the owners.

Therefore, if a reasonable deal for the future of the NFL (or at least next season) has not been done by 1st May then I am cancelling my subscription and boycotting Gamepass for at least the 2011 and 2012 seasons. That is not to say I won’t watch football, I just will not be paying to do so (no I’m not talking illegal streams as my method for watching).

So there you go NFL the clock is ticking, if the owners want to make any money, they need people to watch their sport…

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