Count your blessings this lent – Week 2

For information on what I am trying to do please see this post. I hope you will consider raising money with me during Lent.

The theme for this week is learning.

Here are the thoughts for the second week:
Monday 14th March
£2.50 will pay for a textbook for two students to share in southern Sudan where Christian Aid partners are supporting schooling for children.
Give 10p for every book you have read since the beginning of this year

Tuesday 15th March
Roughly 16% of the world’s population cannot read or write.
Give 20p for every crossword or sudoku you attempt this week.

Wednesday 16th March
It is estimated that in 42% of countries worldwide the press is not free and peoples do not have access to unbiased news.
Give 10p for every newspaper you have read since the start of lent (include news websites if you want)

Thursday 17th March
In Mali, only one in four people can read.
Give 10p for every unread book in your house.

Friday 18th March
65% of British households owns a computer. Fewer than one in ten people in Burkina Faso have access to a computer.
Give 20p for every computer or mobile phone you have used in the past week at home or work

Weekend 19-20 March
Despite the aim of universal primary education stated in goal two of the Millennium Development Goals, 69 millions primary-school-age children around the world don’t go to school. Ajang Garang, 11, is luckier than some – her education was interrupted by the civil war in Sudan but she now attends a school run by Christian Aid partner organisation Hope Agency for Relief and Development. Ajang hopes to become a teacher.
Give 5p for every O-level or GCSE, 10p for every Al-level and 50p for every degree you hold. Give thanks for teachers who provide education to students all over the world.

There we go for another week. I would like to thank those who are saving along with me on Facebook and on this site. Maybe at the end we can present it all to Christian Aid together as one sum. What do you think?

Oh and in week 1 I raised £4.50