Count your blessings this lent – week 3

For information on what I am trying to do please see this post. I hope you will consider raising money with me during Lent.

The theme for this week is work.

Here are the thoughts for the third week:
Monday 21 March
Even earning the British minimum wage, you would be among the richest 11% of the world.
Give £1 is you earn more each month than you did last year

Tuesday 22 March
In addition to their daily work, many people around the world must walk for miles to collect water.
Give 5p for very hour of unpaid work you have done over the past week.

Wednesday 23 March
Like many children around the world, Issa has to help support his family. He goes to school during the week, but at weekends and in the holidays he works in a quarry near his village in Egypt to bring in extra money.
Give 50p if you have more money in the bank than you will need for the next month.

Thursday 24 March
Many people living in poverty have little or no choice over how they are able to earn a living.
Give 10p for every different job you have ever had.

Friday 25 March
Thousands of people in developing countries make a living from scavenging on rubbish dumps.
Give 5p for every audio cassette, vinyl record or VHS tape in your house that you are no longer able to play because you don’t have the necessary equipment

Weekend 26-27 March
In Bangladesh, 10 year old Kichuna has to go fishing for shrimp fry every day in order to buy books and food for school. Kichuna also has to fetch drinking water for her family each day, which can take her up to three hours. Her family are joining the local water council set up by Christian Aid partner BACS and Kichuna hopes that soon they will have a water-collecting system, which will cut down the time she spends fetching water each day.
Give 10p for every bill you have paid this month. Give thanks for employment opportunities that pay a fair wage.

In week 2 I raised: £8.60
My total so far is: £13.10
How about you?