Count your blessings this lent – Week 4

For information on what I am trying to do please see this post. I hope you will consider raising money with me during Lent.

The theme for this week is youth.

Here are the thoughts for the third week:
Monday 28 March
In Sierra Leone, more than one in five children will die before reaching their fifth birthday.
Give 10p for ever picture in your home drawn by a child.

Tuesday 29 March
A baby born in Britain today can expect to live to the age of 79, whereas a baby born in Afghanistan can only expect to live to the age of 44.
Give 1p for every year of your life.

Wednesday 30 March
Vitamin A deficiency affects 40% of children under five in sub-Saharan Africa and south-east Asia, significantly increasing their susceptibility to life-threatening diseases such as measles and diarrhoea.
Give 20p for every piece of fruit or veg you eat today.

Thursday 31 March
Many girls in developing countries find it difficult to get an education. In Sudan, Christian Aid partners work to raise awareness of the importance of educating girls.
Give 10p for every year you spent in a classroom (I assume this includes teaching)

Friday 01 April
More than 11 millions children in Sub-Saharan Africa have lost one or both parents to AIDS-related illnesses.
Pray for all parents affected by HIV/AIDS who are struggling to support their children. Give a donation of your choice.

Weekend 02-03 April
In Malawi, Alima Ayami’s four-month-old son Haka was diagnosed as malnourished three years ago. Unable to afford transport but determined for her child to recover, she travelled by foot and bike for up to four hours a day for months to attend a treatment and feeding clinic. Pictured aged three, Haka is a healthy weight and the nutritionists at the Baptist Clinic, a Christian Aid partner organisation, are delighted with his progress.
Give thanks for mothers all over the world who make sacrifices for their children.

In week 3 I raised: £2.90
My total so far is: £16.00
How about you?