karting – Surbiton Raceway

Karting for Beth and I started outdoors at Easter in 2009 on a lovely rainy track near Elveden. It helped me fall in love with karting and since then I have been 8 times. After a lot of time spent at Crawley’s teamsport track I wanted to return to an outdoor track and after the teamsport London Bridge track proved too pricey I got my chance.

Surbiton Raceway is a speedy track out in South London and we had originally hoped to go at the end of February but the joys of moving house meant that I ended up running out of time. We reorganised for the 19th March so here is my race review…

A reverse grid featuring nine drivers set up the 30 minute iron man race at Surbiton Raceway in late March. The grid was based on last year’s title positions with the lowest scoring drivers last year starting first followed by the newcomers in the order they agreed to race and finally the top scorers in reverse order.

The grid was therefore as follows:
1. Sarah Penberthy
2. Beth Little
3. Kerrie Morgan
4. David Witt
5. Louise Hyde
6. Trefor Little
7. Patrick Hill
8. Helen Little
9. Jonathan Little

The drivers were led out of the pits by the pace kart for three warm up laps. The first lap was at a slow pace but then the pace kart sped up and the leaders did not follow its pace. After the pace kart laps confusion meant that little passing initially took place, the back four overtook Louise and on lap 2 David Witt passed those ahead of him for the lead. Jonathan meanwhile scythed through the field seemingly catching everyone else by surprise, by the end of the second lap he had moved from 9th to second and set about chasing down Dave. Jonathan made a move out of the fast chicane at the top of the circuit and took the lead. Jonathan coming through set the ball rolling for those behind and it was not long before the field had effectively reversed.

By the end of lap 6 Jonathan had built up a healthy lead and was catching backmarkers, Patrick Hill had worked his way up to second with Helen Little third after an early spin cost her a place to Patrick. On lap 15 Jonathan caught his father and slowed to pick his moment, he waited a bit too long, after two laps he checked behind himself and saw Patrick right behind him, Jonathan scared himself and hit a hole at the side of the track which got him sideways at almost top speed, he managed to catch the car but it was nearly a big shunt. He was certainly rattled but got back onto the back of Trefor by the end of the lap. The next lap into the chicane at the end of the lap Jonathan was right behind his Father but tapped the accelerator while braking causing the car to lose traction and the back to come out, this caught Patrick out and he couldn’t avoid tapping Jonathan. This sent Jonathan a bit further out but he managed to again catch the kart. Patrick though took the lead and quickly passed Trefor to lap him.

Paddy led for a number of laps near the start of the race

Jonathan quickly got past his Father then set after Patrick. Three laps later after a run down the inside on the long straight he was past. Patrick kept it quite close behind Jonathan until they caught Helen Little to lap her many laps later, Jonathan got through after a couple of laps, Patrick didn’t. In fact he never managed to pass Helen and Jonathan pulled away. In the closing stages David Witt caught Louise to pass her, Louise spun off and Dave had nowhere to go with Louise spinning at high speed in front of him he went hard on the brakes and spun off but avoided major contact with Louise and lost a position to Beth Little. Patrick also struggled at this stage of the race with a spin while still chasing Helen. Five laps from the end Jonathan caught his wife and was not about to find a way past. By the end Helen Little was right behind him but having been lapped she was not a worry. It just showed that come the end of the race had he not spun Patrick would have been very close to the lead.

Paddy’s chance of a win was scuppered when Jonathan lapped Helen and he did not

The finishing positions were as follows (driver – laps – best lap – change):
1. Jonathan Little – 57 – 27.091 – up 8
2. Patrick Hill – 57 (+8.76 secs) – 28.151 – up 5
3. Helen Little – 56 – 28.772 – up 5
4. Trefor Little – 55 – 30.062 – up 2
5. Beth Little – 54 – 29.070 – down 3
6. David Witt – 54 – 28.998 – down 2
7. Kerrie Morgan – 53 – 30.711 – down 4
8. Sarah Penberthy – 53 – 30.471 – down 7
9. Louise Hyde – 51 – 30.227 – down 4

There were championship points associated with the event so this year’s championship is as follows after 1 round:
1. Jonathan Little – 15
2. Patrick Hill – 12
3. Helen Little – 10
4. Trefor Little – 8
5. Beth Little – 6
6. David Witt – 5
7. Kerrie Morgan – 4
8. Sarah Penberthy – 3
9. Louise Hyde – 2

Here is my video add-on:
[jwplayer mediaid=”1535″]
This time I got it lined up correctly but managed to film for half an hour before starting and then either screwed up the saving at the end of the film (thus losing all but this lap) or ran out of space (also my fault)… its progress I guess.

Finally a big thank you to David Ting who happily came along and took photos for us!