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I am now the news editor for the British American Football Association Community League website. This has led me to research all of the teams in the leagues at present. In 2010 we had 51 senior teams 25 youth teams and 16 junior teams. I would say of those about half have websites. Of those very very few have the dates for the 2011 season on their websites so far, the season kicks off in a month and as far as I know the schedule was sorted a month ago.

A lot of the websites seem not aimed at those who might come to watch them but at people who may want to take part. While this is fine due to the relatively low popularity of the British game I feel they are missing out on the opportunity to get more people interested by not having this basic information available. As an NFL fan my first thought may well be “oo I want to try being a quarterback” and so you search to find your nearest club. My personal next step would be, I want to watch them play to see what it is like. To do this I would need to know when the team is next playing and where to go. Having seen a game I might then go “this isn’t for me” or “I’d like to give this a go”. Not knowing when the games are taking place rather hampers this for me as it demands additional research and so on.

As the league owners I’m sure there is more BAFACL can do and I will be suggesting this in the coming weeks/months to the others working on the site but there is a lot that the teams should be doing to help encourage people to come and watch their games as well.

For the record of the sites I have currently spent a reasonable amount of time on the Sussex Thunder team website – which just happens to play its games in Horsham (my home town) – seems to be by far the best at displaying the relevant information. If you think your team’s site is better, let me know. If any teams want help/suggestions with their websites then also let me know.

If on the other hand you have found this blog post by searching for a team’s fixtures they can be found here (as of today)

  • Phil

    Not bad on the Thunder site, you probably already know you need to update your header to remove the BAFL Premier logo…

  • As a proud manchester titans player, i think our website is one of the better out there, and our fixtures page is in a similar vein to sussex’s:

    I agree with you that more teams need to pull their finger’s out to help push the sport forward.

    Id like to commend you for your work so far on the BAFACL site, this kind of upto date information is what is needed to keep the casual browsers intereted. Keep up the good work!

  • I spoke to Thunder’s tech guy regarding the BAFL logo a couple of weeks ago. Apparently he is working on a new header.

    Since writing this blog I have visited more of the sites and there are a couple of others that are at least on Sussex’s level. But somehow I had not seen the Titans website. That is indeed a nice website and this page is why I love it even more:

    So many teams have already forgotten their 2010 scores on their sites that it is really hard to find anything to write about them.

  • The Kent Exiles go all the way back with results, rosters, match reports, programmes, photos, write-up….