Count your blessings this lent – week 7 (final)

For information on what I am trying to do please see this post. I hope you will consider raising money with me during Lent.

The theme for this final week is heat.

Here are the thoughts for the third week:
Monday 11 April
95% of homes in Britain have central heating.
Check your thermostat setting and give 50p for every degree above 20.

Tuesday 12 April
Do you know who your political representatives – including your MP – are? If you do, write to them about Christian Aid’s climate change campaign:
If you don’t know who your political representatives are, give £1 and find out about them today.

Wednesday 13 April
In the Philippines, Christian Aid partner MACEC is helping farmers affected by changing weather patterns to find alternative sources of income, such as breeding butterflies for export to tourist attractions.
Give 5p for every journey you took in a car this week.

Thursday 14 April
One recycled tin can saves enough energy to power a television for three hours.
Give 10p for every item of recyclable waste you throw in the general rubbish this week.

Friday 15 April
In Britain in 2009, £9.9bn was donated to charities.
Give thanks for all organisations and individuals in the world reaching out to those in need.

Weekend 16-17 April
During the civil war in Sierra Leone, John Foday lost two daughters to hunger and almost died himself when he was captured by rebels. He now volunteers for Christian Aid partner MCSL, promoting peace and human rights within his community.
In celebrating Christ’s resurrection this Easter, give thanks for peacemakers the world over.

Risen Christ, Lord of life,
Help us roll away the stone of our selfishness and apathy
So that new life may arise
wherever love and hope are crucified;
May we live out your Easter faith,
And bring the miracle of your resurrection to the world.

In week 6 I raised: £5.80 (Sunday was expensive)
My total for the 2011 Count your Blessings is: £29.63

Next week when I post my total, I would be interested to see how others do (ideally with comments directly on my blog at as opposed to pesky facebook).

Thanks for joining me in this guys. How much did you raise overall?