Computer testing

Mr David Witt pointed me towards a tool to test the performance of different computers called CrystalMark 2004 which then gives you a final number score for your machine based on processor power, memory, hard drive and graphics.

It has allowed me therefore to rate all of my machines:
Netbook – 26749
Main PC – 50607
Media Centre – 96799

I then went on to test the beast that I built for my Father at Christmas with last year’s i5 processor. The score blows my machines out of the water:

Dad’s machine – 194,195

So give it a go, it can be downloaded here

unzip the whole folder > double click the crystalmark09.exe application > when it loads click the mark button and leave test to run.

Then let us know how it does.

Maybe I will do a post regarding 3d mark in the future but might not work on my netbook…