Stag party

So Craig had his stag party a weekend or so ago. It was good fun with karting and a good time spent in Brighton after. Unfortunately I lost at Karting… Craig was a few tenths quicker than me throughout. Ceri also showed that he had improved a lot since his first attempt in December. But then he has had a fair amount of practice since. Its just good to see him near the level of the other top folks in my little league.

For a change I got some fairly good video. It is obvious to me by now that the best way to guarantee good footage is by purchasing my own helmet so I can tape the camera down. This was best shown in this event where during the race the camera decided to pop up and pretty much point at the ceiling. Still, here is my video from the event. Maybe I’ll do some karting rankings at some point like my F1 ones.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1561″]

Oh and Craig, I hope the wedding goes well and you enjoy married life as much as I do!