Sporting events of 2011

After declaring 2010 too bad for sport and thus palming off this list to me my father has returned to give judgement on 2011.

Top 5 sportsmen of 2011
Drew Brees for breaking Dan Marino’s yardage record.
Jenson Button for coming ahead of everyone except Sebastian Vettel
Dai Greene for winning the world 400m Hurdles and for being Welsh
Nathan Cleverly for being Britain’s only remaining boxing World Champion (and for being Welsh)
Mark Cavendish for winning Sports Personality

Losers of the Year
Carlos Tevez – Perhaps it was too cold to play?
The three Pakistan cricketers convicted of match fixing.
Mike Tindall – He would have been put in the Tower 400 years ago.
Alain Rolland – For sending off Sam Warburton against France. I know he’s Irish but he sure sounds French.
Amir Khan – for losing when a Super-Fight was on the horizon.

Teams of the Years
AFC Wimbledon – well the first half of the year anyway.
Wales Rugby team – for being better than England.
England Cricket – for being better than everyone (in Test Cricket anyway).
Barcelona – for thrashing Man Utd in the Champions League Final
Oakland Raiders – well why not?

Special Mile High Messiah Award
Tim Tebow – no he’s not he’s just a naughty boy!

Note that there are no women listed, well its not really sport is it?

Trefor Little