Remembering 2011

So 2011 is over. The year will be remembered on a larger scale for the sparking of uprisings throughout the world. But more locally these are the five things I did that I will remember most.

5. Karting
While I won again that wasn’t the key thing. I had lots of fun with friends and family on the track at the meals afterwards and I hope that will continue in 2012 with races likely in February, August and November/December. I also had more experience of outdoor karting racing around Surbiton and Bayford Meadows. The latter is superb and gave me my first proper race against proper foes. Unfortunately the rain scuppered my opening race fourth place. Bring on 2012’s racing.

4. 48 hours in America

In October Beth and I flew to Chicago on a Friday and then flew back on a Sunday. This was not because we are mad (well maybe partially), but because Beth’s uncle Bob was marrying his fiancée Joanne. I did a pretty good job or staying in GMT for the trip, helped by the reception finishing around 9pm. The weekend was made the more enjoyable with a trip Saturday to the John Deere museum and the wedding itself was lovely despite a rock concert in the background and the punkin (pumpkin) people. The reception was nice and the company was good. The only downside really was the travel.

3. Becoming involved in American Football
For several years I have followed American Football quite strongly. I had knowledge of an British league but had never really researched it. Then in February 2011 the league’s forum advertised a webmaster position. I applied and found the position was already filled but was offered a role as the league’s news editor instead. As the season started the role consumed a lot of my time but was rarely a chore. I now have a good amount of knowledge of the sport in this country and am looking forward to my second season in the role while also now becoming the webmaster.

2. Moving house
In January we moved from our lopsided flat at one end of the high street to a bungalow on the other end. The new place is an improvement under almost all criteria. We now have a garden, a driveway and a study. The downside is that we had to invite fewer people for thanksgiving and the shower is a bit naff. Minor issues.

1. Denver
Two trips to Denver this year. The first saw a largely sport filled break. I went a little baseball mad, seeing three games in four days at Coors Field home of the Colorado Rockies. I then went to my first NHL and NBA games as well. We also saw some lovely scenery including the Garden of the Gods.

Our trip in December was just as good as I brought my parents along and we spent Christmas in a log cabin in Estes Park then spent a nice quiet week at casa des Blomberg with another NHL game added in for luck.

I am now 6-5 on watching the Denver sports teams. May more wins improve that further.

So that was my 2011, how was yours?

Congratulations also to 2011’s other newlyweds:
Demelza and Craig King, Laura and Simon Rafferty and Nicola and Michael Sharkey