Film of the year 2011

Last year I complained about the quality of the films released. This year I had no such issue and the films I saw were all largely superb. I got away with seeing just one 3d movie this year but although it was largely redundant it actually worked well in tintin and the experience was not poorer for it. I guess that is testament to what Spielberg can do. Below are the Canterbury Littles’ top 10s for 2011.

10. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
9. Senna
8. Source Code
7. Cars 2
6. Harry Potter
5. Horrible Bosses
4. Attack the Block
3. Sherlock Holmes
2. Bridesmaids
1. King’s Speech


10. source code
9. horrible bosses
8. attack the block
7. Sherlock holmes
6. tinker tailor soldier spy
5. King’s Speech
4. Senna
3. bridesmaids
2. tintin

And at number 1:

1. Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol
It may be big and noisy as well as everything a film graduate should hate but I don’t care about any of that. I want to watch a film and have fun and Mission Impossible 4 was the film I had the most fun watching.

That logic is also what sees Tintin at number 2 and Bridesmaids at three. From there we have three of the films that have/should have critical acclaim, Senna was a good portrayal of a great racer while Kings Speech has already cleaned up an awards season.

Bring on 2012 with Batman and Bilbo!

  • Need to see MI4…. now while normally I would expect to have an issue with something like bridesmaids…. what the hell is source code doing in that list? It was terrible…

  • I disagree, I enjoyed source code except for its final 2 minutes which nearly ruined it. It reminded me of a TV show I used to watch called seven days:


    How come YOUR number one gets a picture and MINE doesn’t?
    Also, Source Code was good except that it should have ended when they kiss; the last few minutes were surplus to requirements.
    Also, will you hurry up and play a word already? I am sitting here waaaiiittttiiiinnnnggg…..