Games of 2011

I feel like I missed out, the biggest two games Skyrim and Skyward Sword I have yet to play. In fact I only played 9 games that came out in 2011.

5. Dirt 3 – Xbox 360
Dirt 3 removed the few bad parts of Dirt 2 and introduced some great tracks and racing. The return of split screen gaming was fantastic and the multiplayer added a lot of value. Its just a shame they had to shoe horn in gymkhana nonsense.

4. F1 2011 – Xbox 360
This years game may be slightly buggy but this is a much more playable game than the first one and is actually enjoyable to play with friends. As above Codemasters saw the sense and added split screen multiplayer.

3. Batman Arkham City – Xbox 360
The first Arkham game was fantastic, I loved everything about it. The new game was very good but still felt disappointing. The new environment was not generally as good and the boss battles were not so strong. It was still a great game though.

2. Dark Souls – Xbox 360
I will be honest, I am not a long way through this tricky game but I can tell that it is fantastic and despite being very hard I have had fun with it so far.

1. Portal 2 – Xbox 360
A great game, the story is great and the gameplay is still very very enjoyable. It is rare for a game to make you laugh but this has humour in spades. Valve does it again.