Count your Blessings – Week 1

As last year throughout lent I will be participating in Christian Aid's Count your Blessings campaign on my blog. Each week I will post up the thoughts from their leaflet and allow you to save money for charity along with me. Each week I will state how much I will give based on the previous week's thoughts and I encourage you to do the same.


Each week has a theme, this week is Justice.


Wednesday 22 February – Ash Wednesday

Only 15% of the world's population live in countries that enjoy a free press.

Give 10p for every newspaper you have chosen to read this week.


Thursday 23 February

Christian Aid partner CPI has helped more than 7,000 Quilombola people in Brazil to exercise their right to claim collective ownership of the forest lands on which they live.

Give 20p if you can see a tree from your window.


Friday 24 February

Tax dodging by some unscrupulous companies means developing countries lose more money annually than they receive in aid.

Give 50p if you have benefited from a tax-funded service in the last year.


Weekend 25 & 26 February

Christian Aid partner Ekta Parishad has begun a 13-month journey across India to transform the lives of hundreds of millions of Indians living in poverty. The group will campaign across 25 Indian states to demand that the government hold to their promises on land rights. The climax will see 100,000 landless people, some barefoot, covering 350km to Delhi in October and November 2012, in one of the biggest non-violent campaigns the world has ever witnessed.

Give 10p if your local MP has held an open meeting in the last six months. If you don’t know, give 20p and find out by visiting