Count your Blessings – Week 2

Following on from last week we continue to count our blessings for Christian Aid.

This week's theme is: a week for change


Monday 27 February

82% of the British population are now internet users, compared with only 0.2% of the population in Mali.

Give 50p for every hour of leisure time you will spend on the internet today.

Tuesday 28 February

884 million people in the developing world use unsafe drinking water sources.

Give 50p if you have always lived in a property with running water.

Wednesday 29 February

Leap year

After severe flooding in Pakistan in 2010, Lal Chand lost everything. But with the support of Christian Aid partner CWS-P/A he is now training to become an electrician and will be able to support his family.

Give 10p for every light in your home.

Thursday 1 March

In Burundi there is less than 1 doctor for every 20,000 people. In Britain there are 42 doctors for every 20,000 people.

Give 10p for every doctor at your local surgery.

Friday 2 March

£1.45 will pay for one person to benefit from a community health outreach session in Jamaica, run by Christian Aid partner S-corner, which also provides vital health services to local communities.

Give 20p for every time you have accessed free healthcare this year.

Weekend 3 & 4 March

Christian Aid partner YEC has supported women in adapting to climate change and ensured that they are now able to work to support themselves in Tajikistan. With the support of YEC, Hodzhibibi has now established a thriving raspberry-growing business and is a member of her local women’s cooperative, through which she is making a good living.

Give thanks for new employment opportunities that pay a fair wage.

Give 50p if your financial situation has improved since last year.


Last week I raised £1 for Christian Aid, if you are following along how much did you raise?