Count your blessings – week 4

As we count our blessings for another week we are focussing on a week for equality

Monday 12
Guatemala has the highest levels of maternal mortality in Latin America, with just 41% of births attended by a professional.
Give 50p if your local hospital has a maternity ward.

Tuesday 13
Only 17% of working adults earning a wage in Iraq are female.
Give thanks for the opportunities we have to earn a living.

Wednesday 14
Two-thirds of the world’s 799 million illiterate adults are women.
Give 5p for all the women in your family who have attended secondary school.

Thursday 15
In Somalia, for every 80 children born, one of their mothers will die from causes connected with the pregnancy. In Britain there is around one death for every 8,000 children born.
Give 20p for every child you are related to.

Friday 16
Fewer than 1 in 10 seats in the Indian parliament are held by women.
Give 50p if you have ever had a female boss.

Weekend 17 & 18
Mothering Sunday

Pak is 23 and has two children. She has been living in a women’s refuge run by Christian Aid partner CWCC in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since she came to seek help after having been beaten unconscious by her husband. CWCC is also helping her bring a case against her husband to court, and Pak hopes to receive training so that she can begin rebuilding her life with her children in safety.
Give thanks for mothers throughout the world and the organisations that work to protect them.

Last week from Count your Blessings I raised £4.45 bringing my total to £10.15