Living below the line

In addition to taking part in this year's Christian Aid 'Count Your Blessings' Beth and I are also taking part in the Live Below the Line campaign.

From 3rd-7th April Beth and I will be spending just £1 each day on food. In May thousands of other people across the country and internationally will also take the challenge. As a part of the Live Below the Line campaign, every single one of them will be spending just £1 each day on food – the UK equivalent of the international extreme poverty line. We are running our week early so that we can consider in prayer those less fortunate than ourselves as lent comes to a close.

Beth and I will have no shortage of company – in addition to the thousands taking part in the challenge, 1.4 billion people struggle to meet their daily needs on less than £1 a day. Its hard to imagine having to cover all our food, fuel, accommodation, and healthcare costs for £1 or less.

We will Live Below the Line for 5 days to raise money for the Methodist Relief and Development Fund to help fund the work it does to combat extreme poverty. £1 is less than the cost of a coffee so it is going to be tricky. But 1.4 billion people do this every day, and have to pay for much more than just food – so we are sure we will find a way.

If you would like to help the cause of MRDF by sponsoring us visit:

Or let me know in the comments so I can hold you to it afterwards.

You will be able to track our progress on my blog over the five days, from buying our food, to our daily meals. I am sure we will appreciate your support and hope that you will pray for the 1.4 billion who deal with this daily.