Karting at Lydd

A problem encountered from not organising karting events a month in advance comes in getting people to go along. Despite booking little over a week in advance I was able to get a slot at Lydd kart circuit in the south of Kent about 50 minutes from Canterbury.

I had thought I would have seven chums along with me but on the day with the rain beating down that number dwindled to four. Those who did not attend missed out. The circuit is fantastic and you learn a lot more about control from driving in the wet than you do in the dry with the grip levels similar (but less predictable) to those you might expect at an indoor track.

The key advantage to this track though is its price. For practice time you are paying a pound a minute, much less than the £45 for 30 minutes you can expect at other outdoor circuits. It is for this reason that the circuit is likely to be picked for our August jaunt.

From the layout (picture lovingly borrowed from the circuit website) you can tell that the circuit is a good mix of straights, chicanes and sweeping corners. A good dry time is apparently around 48 seconds but as you will see we did not get near that on Saturday.

I decided not to use my camera as I figured with rain actually coming down the camera may not appreciate it but my mother braved the conditions to take photos for half the time we were out there. The best of these can be viewed in the gallery.

Our times were not fast and reflected experience more than anything I think.

  driver fastest average
1 Jonathan 72.163 78.7
2 Joe 77.209 84.67
3 Trefor 81.678 86.36
4 Tamara 97.652 106.1

And now time for a gratuitous chart


So I think my line is smoothest due to experience, Joe was going for the second time ever so his line is still a bit erratic. My Father has another smooth line due to plenty of experience and Tamara's line dips the most showing her improving confidence and speed as the session went on.


Thanks to my three fellow racers and my mother for being on photo duty, happy Mothers day.