BAFANL design

So today I posted a preview of the new BAFANL website on the leagues forum. There is a deadline in place (30th March) and I know what I want to have done to launch the site before that date. In my last post I talked about the thought process behind the site. Now the key backend parts I mentioned are up and running allowing lots of cool things revolving around fixtures to happen with dynamic standings tables and fixture lists that can be thrown into any page fairly easily.

The design of the site is based around a wordpress theme called Arras which is perfect for this kind of site. The theme is one we used between August and October last year for the site but it has now been ported over. It has good styles for dealing with all types of news and can be adapted for other pages easily as well.

The idea behind the site is still to allow users to get the information they want as quickly as possible so at the top of the page in style we have a list of the coming week's fixtures, eventually when you click on one of those it will take you to details of that matchup, if its in progress you can get score updates and after the match it will contain any images or video that has been submitted for that event.

Below that we have the menu, I wanted a way for users to be able to quickly go to any team's page. Clicking on a level gives you a list of every team playing at that level sorted by division making it really easy to get to your team's page along with the standings and schedule for that level.

Team pages will contain key information, all news/media tagged for that team, a map to their home ground with a button to get directions. Then a sidebar with their fixtures, win/loss count and important contacts like the head coach.

We want to make it nice and easy for newcomers to find out how to get involved so that features clearly on the menu with categories for different levels of participation.

I also wanted to make the most of everyone's social media, all the team pages have that teams twitter feed, a link to their facebook page and website so that fans can easily interact with them. The home page sidebar has a list of all the teams in the league to help keep you up to date with everything anyone does.

There is still a fair amount to be done and not all of it will be running when the site goes live, the plan though is to go live with a top front end so that the user gets what they want and then work on the underlying CMS to make the user privilege side and management of that lovely content get to the level that I want to see it at.

Tasks before live:

  • add a volunteers page
  • add link to league CRS on homepage
  • Get team finder up to scratch
  • hook up adding of articles and images
  • use that to populate the featured articles boxes
  • Rudimentary search based on tagging and basic data
  • Finish adding features to team pages
  • Create RSS feeds
  • Tidy the theme up a little more
  • Make the upcoming games bar horizontally scrollable

Any comments on the general design are gratefully received.

My aim all along has been to make a site fit for the league and feedback is the way I can ensure that will happen.

The demo site with rough edges and all can be found here

If you would like to see the admin CMS let me know and I'll point you in the right direction (I have the data all backed up anyway). I have a week to go but will be putting nightly updates onto the dummy site (on the nights I am actually working on it). I am sure I will be posting again before the thing goes live.