Count your blessings – Week 6

This week's count your blessings encourages us to think about reconciliation. Before we get started though, Beth and I are starting to plan our food for living below the line. Any ideas for some good ultra-low budget meals?


Monday 26
One in three people in Angola faced a demand for a bribe from officials within the last year.
Give thanks for our government and police who act for our protection.

Tuesday 27
People affected by conflicts around the world are displaced, on average, for 20 years.
Give 20p for every house move you have chosen to make.

Wednesday 28
Christian Aid partner MCSL works with Sierra Leonean chieftancy systems to resolve conflict.
Pray for people living in conflict today.

Thursday 29
75% of those killed or wounded in war are civilian. In WW1 it was only 5%.
Give 10p for every country you know of in conflict.

Friday 30
The conflict in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory has continued to affect the most basic of Palestinian human rights, such as freedom of movement.
Give 20p if you have a passport and 10p for every trip out of Britain you have made in the last 12 months.


Weekend 31 & 1
Palm Sunday
Tita and her family were forced off their lands in Colombia. Christian Aid partner Justice and Peace is working to provide legal advice to families like Tita’s, to secure legal land titles.
Give £1 if you own your home or are a legal tenant with a right to stay in your home.


Last week I raised £2.34 which brings my total to £14.39