Count your Blessings – Week 7

As we enter holy week, Beth and I are beginning our Live Below the Line challenge. We have just come back from ASDA to pick up our food for the week and I am interested to see how we will get on. Tomorrow I will be posting the first of six daily posts about our challenge, the meals we are having and how we are getting on.


For now though, we enter the final week counting our blessings with a week of striving to earn


Monday 2

Only one in five people in Burundi have more than US$1.25 (80p) to live on a day.
Give 50p if your salary (or pension) is above 80p a day.


Tuesday 3

Almost half of all children aged 5-14 in Cambodia have to work.
Give 20p if you started work when you were over the age of 16.


Wednesday 4

More than a quarter of the working-age population in South Africa are out of work, compared to 8 out of 100 in Britain and Ireland.
Give £1 if you are currently employed. 


Thursday 5
Maundy Thursday

Christian Aid partner COC Bless in Egypt has trained farmers to grow green beans for export to Europe, earning them five times the local market price.
Give 10p for any fruit or vegetable you bought this week that was not grown in Britain.


Friday 6
Good Friday

In 2010, 73% of the British population donated to charity.
Give thanks for the generosity that has been shown and the work that has been accomplished through it.


Weekend 7 & 8 Easter

Major Janvier Bulambo was one of 492 high ranking Congolese soldiers to receive civilian rights training organised by Christian Aid partner CBCA. The training has seen the beginning of reconciliation between soldiers and civilians and a hope to finally bring peace to the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

As we celebrate our risen Lord, give thanks for all people around the world who are working for peace and reconciliation.


Dear Lord,

As we give thanks for the gift of your son, we remember that love and life are always stronger than violence and death.

Help us to see past ourselves that we may love as he loves and bring your peace to the world.


Last week I raised £3.20 which brings my total to £17.59