Living Below the Line – Day 1

So the first day is over. I started out disappointed with the portion sizes and ended the day disappointed that we had miscalculated.

As you saw yesterday our plan was to have porridge for breakfast. Apparently to make the porridge spread across ten meals (two of us for five days) we would be having a quarter of a cup of porridge. This turned out not to be very much at all. After adding milk and a little sugar mine was gone in about four spoonfuls. Either we got the measurements wrong or I need to stop wolfing my food down.

I then toddled off to work and got on fairly well for the rest of the morning. I had my allowance of a cup of tea at 11am and then started to feel hungry at midday. I managed to hold off almost two hours before giving in and eating my peanut butter and jam sandwich (slower than breakfast) and then waited another half hour before eating my banana. I went for my usual walk and then went back to work.

By about 4:30 I was starting to get hungry, which actually isn't that unusual. In fact when I got home I still wasn't much hungrier and we ended up not eating until 7:15 which is late for us. I was glad of eating later as I do not want to have to go to bed hungry. Above is a picture of our dinner (actually its Wednesday's). It is comprised of half a tin of tomato (not pictured), pearl barley, brocolli, carrot, kidney beans and gravy. Fortunately it all tastes quite good. The problem was I finished and was still hungry, I settled my stomach with a quarter of a slice of bread (we had two spare slices). The rest of the evening I had a headache.

The headache was enhanced when I created yesterday's post, I put all of the stuff we had spent money on into excel and came up with the total of £9.85. Going in we had assume that we would each be able to get a cup of tea a day at a rate of 2.3p per teabag. Unfortunately in getting as close to our £10 total as possible, we came up short and could only afford six tea bags. I volunteered to be the one to give up tea for the rest of the challenge but I was disappointed.

The first day went fine, I suspect that the coming days will be harder as our stomachs realise that they are going to have to make do with under 1000 calories a day (see Beth's comment on the initial post).