Living Below the Line – Day 2

Wednesday was largely the same as Tuesday. It turned out our porridge measurements were off on Tuesday though. The portion this time seemed about twice the size.

At work I found it hard to concentrate when I started to get hungry. I got the work done, perhaps a little slower though. Along with my sandwich this time I also had some carrot sticks which I rationed through the day. By the time I got home though I was very hungry.

In the evening I had the dinner I photographed yesterday which was as enjoyable as it had been the day before. We then went to the cinema to see Pirates in an adventure with scientists. The film was very good and very funny but I came out hungry. Walking down a high street full of restaurants was fairly tough. When we got home I had a half of one of our spare apples and that settled my stomach and let me sleep.

So while I don't mind the food we are eating and don't mind the portions that we are having for breakfast and lunch I am having trouble dealing with a smaller and less flavourful dinner. Good time to make a change for dinner then…