Living Below the Line – Day 3

Day three saw us passing halfway. We had porridge for breakfast and it was fine and dandy. Then again I am happy with familiarity at breakfast. I tend to pick a cereal and stick with it for as long as I can.

I didn't have much trouble getting to lunchtime but felt hungry at about midday when my colleagues started eating. 

I managed to hold off till half one. Usually I go for a walk after eating but it was too darned cold. Instead went back and tried to get on with work in the knowledge that we had a four day weekend just around the corner.

When I got home dinner was almost ready and we saw some variation with jacket potatoes, baked beans and the usual veg. The variation here was appreciated. I am certainly starting to miss meat though.

After eating we went to church for the Maundy Thursday service. It was a good if long service but by the end I was hungry and feeling a bit cranky. I was glad when I was able to go home, eat the second half of the apple I started yesterday and slump in from of the TV.

Two days to go… Glad we rationed properly and have a fair amount left.