Living Below the Line – Day 4

Somehow we both ended up beginning the first day of our four day weekend waking at 7am. We therefore had our porridge at a fairly normal time and then went to the morning Good Friday service at the Salvation Army chapel. I had trouble concentrating, possibly for food reasons, possibly non-related ones. Beth then went on to the town centre service and I toddled off home to play some games and work on websites.

We met for lunch in the park with some of Beth's student friends. Beth then went off to messy church with the youth group in the afternoon while I stayed around to throw any American football around with Aric and a Romanian called Johnny. Which was good fun but I dehydrated myself so Tamara was nice enough to give me a bottle of water which I chugged in about three gulps.

I went home for half a slice of bread with peanut butter on and then settled in front of the computer to get some coding done. When Beth got home we had pearl barley again for dinner. We are beginning to run out, good thing tomorrow is the last day. Tomorrow evening will be leftovers night, we will just pour everything in and make the most of it.

Bring on Sunday dinner.