Living Below the Line – Final Day


So our challenge has drawn to a close after five days. The first day was not so bad, I would say that days two and three were the hardest as my stomach realised the fact it would have to get used to eating less.

Beth and I would like to say thank you to our friends and family who have helped us to raise £297 so far for MRDF. If you would like to add to this to help those who have to live in a situation more difficult that the one we faced every single day you can do so here:

The challenge itself went well, we did go hungry but it was never to a massive extent. I am sure that this is due largely to the price of produce at Asda. Before the challenge I wouldn't have thought about bread at 47p or gravy for 20p and I am sure they are not particularly healthy options (not suggesting the more expensive ones are the height of nutrition either though). In poorer countries you have to make do with what you can get your hands on.

Unlike many people around the world, we were able to plan carefully from a website with all of the ingredients listed and knowing exactly how much money we had to spend. That is not possible for others to do; some have each day's wages in hand with which to buy their food for that day rather than be able to plan ahead. 

The part that was hardest for us was dinner; getting food that would mean not going to bed hungry was hard. Many people in the West manage (somehow) to make do without breakfast or lunch. I could never do that but I can make do quite happily with a bowl of porridge and a peanut butter and jam sandwich. A steady diet of pearl barley, kidney beans, carrot and broccolli does make you go a bit mad after a while.

We learned a lot during this challenge, we have a lot more respect for those who have to live through conditions worse than this daily and we are pleased that we are happy to support the great work that MRDF do to help those less fortunate than ourselves in Africa and beyond. If you donated to us, thank you very much, it means a lot to us and we appreciate your support. Give the challenge a go – it will open your eyes.