Reflection on Living Below the Line

Over the last few days I've (Beth) had some interesting conversations on facebook about living below the line so I thought I'd share them with you now.

April 2 — Beth: Going to ASDA tonight to shop for living below the line. Just wondering what the official rules are on dumpster diving behind ASDA..

Anna: Even if its not in THE rules there's other rules that should prevent that! :-

Beth: If I'm living in extreme poverty, I don't see why I can't take a packaged pizza out of a bin when the shop throws it out. There are people around the world who live ON landfills!

Anna: That's true and I commend you, but I meant legally!!! Don't get yourself arrested before you leave the country!

Beth:  If there is a law that says I can't eat waste food and I believe that law is wrong, I will practice civil disobedience 😛

Craig K:  I actually think it is legal to take from the bins if you can do so without going onto private property…

Fran: Forgive us our trespasses takes on fresh meaning…

April 3 –Emily: I think this is such a neat idea. Not sure how you managed to purchuse some of that for so cheap though! Only 30 pence for bread!? Crazy! I don't think there is anyway I could buy food that cheap here. Even considering the conversion rate. Good luck!!

Beth: It would be interesting to try this in America – I'd check what the official rules are for the amount in dollars. A friend last week said to me, "oh, but a pound goes so much further in Africa." But I don't think that's true. Because that pound would not just go towards food, but also medicine, petrol, rent, school fees, cleaning products, clothes, and everything else you might have to buy.

April 3— Beth: decided not to weigh myself this week and find out if this challenge causes weight changes because a) it's a fast, not a diet, and the distinction is in my attitude, and b) people living in poverty don't have the luxury of deciding their ideal weight or dress size; they're just trying to keep alive and healthy!

Vicki: And they don't have scales!

April 4— Beth: Haven't felt hungry yet. Don't know what Jonathan Little was so worried about 😛

Jonathan: I'm starting to see steaks floating past my eyes

Beth: the restaurants in town are emanating delicious scents…

Craig B: I hope you don't start to look anorexic!

Beth: don't worry about me, worry about the people who aren't just doing this for 5 days but for their whole life!

April 7Beth: really looking forward to roast dinner tomorrow! Eating the same thing every day this week has been tolerable but boring. I'm aware of how many little snacks and cups of tea and treats I haven't been able to have. I'm glad I could see the end in sight; if this were for the rest of my life it would be pretty bleak.