Going to America, final preparations

August saw us enter our final month in England for the time being. I celebrated my birthday early by watching Dark Knight Rises on the Science Museum iMax in July and therefore didn’t do a lot to celebrate the day. The following weekend, however, we had most of our friends and English family to our bungalow for karting and a barbeque, both of these were fantastic and I think served well to send us off.

The following weekend Tamara invited us and our Canterbury friends around her house for dinner. It was a lovely way to send Beth off with her flight the following day and we stayed late. it was off to Heathrow the following morning. We had planned that Beth would be flying out three weeks ahead of me so that I could tie up some loose ends. It was an emotional farewell and I decided to head to Horsham to see my parents afterward before returning to Canterbury late for my final two steward duties the day after.

My penultimate week of work came and went and I was soon on the train to Sheffield for Britbowl XXVI which was better in every respect than the year before. I will likely write about that later though, suffice to say it was epic.

The last week of August had an odd feel to it as I have never left a company after working there full time for three years. It was nice to feel appreciated and like I would be missed, hopefully for more than just my IT knowledge. It was also fun being taken to the pub twice during my final week. I was unable to fully cut ties on the Friday evening, however, as removing my personal data from my work pc took longer than expected, eventually I threw in the towel and took it home with me to finish off.

That weekend, my final one in the UK until 2013, I had my parents down and took my Mother to see Paralympic goalball at the Olympic park. Once the first goal had been scored the excitement built as we started to understand the nuances of the sport. It was also great to see our friend Michael Sharkey competing for England. He played like a captain should in an enjoyable tie game. We had lunch with Cathy, Nick, Nicola and Louise and then headed back to Canterbury for an epic Picturehouse burger. I would like to thank my Father for dismantling furniture and generally preparing me a little better for the arrival of the storage company later on that week.

On the Monday I closed off ties with my job by taking my PC back to the office and looked for a couple more quotes for our car. With none better than the £1200 offered to me by We buy an car I decided to take up my grandparents offer of storing it on their driveway. Wednesday was moving day. The storage company Jordan and Jarretts had a remit to pack everything themselves and they did a great job. They managed to get all of our belongings into two storage containers and it was a tight squeeze with no empty space at all. My parents were then pleased to find out that they did not have to come and get me but that I could in fact fit everything I needed in my little car. The only downside on the day was being told I should have done a better job cleaning by the landlords but I had half an hour after the storage company left so I didn’t do too badly.

I arrived in Horsham and chilled out for a couple of days after three hectic weeks. It was nice that I got a chance to say goodbye to my friends and family in August but during that whole period I just wanted my flight to come around. After four months of preparation I was ready to get over there.