Count Your Blessings – Week 1


Once again Beth and I are not giving things up for Lent, instead we are completing Christian Aid’s Count Your Blessings where they give a thought for the day while also raising money for a good cause. I will once again be keeping track of our progress on the blog.

The resources are available here:

Wednesday 13 February

Ash Wednesday Around 24% of children of primary school age in sub-Saharan Africa and 7% in Southern Asia do not attend school.

Give 30p if there is a non-fee-paying primary school where you live.

Thursday 14 February

Children under-five of educated mothers — even mothers with only primary schooling — are more likely to survive than those of mothers with no education.

Give thanks and praise for your education and for the doors it has opened for you professionally and personally.

Friday 15 February

Illiteracy affects more than 120 million young people globally, compounding the disadvantages they face in life.

Give 20p for each favourite childhood book you can still recall well.

Weekend 16 & 17 February

If you don’t know your legal rights, you can’t defend them. In São Paulo, Brazil, tens of thousands of people live in unsafe housing. Those who complain to their landlords risk immediate eviction. Christian Aid partner Gaspar Garcia runs a human rights centre (pictured) where tenants can go to receive free legal advice and to join forces with others in a similar situation to demand change and to face their landlords together.

How many of your human rights can you name? Give 10p for each one.