Count Your Blessings – Week 2

So the short week one is already in the books and I have already raised £2.80 for Christian Aid by Counting my Blessings

The theme this week is Peace and Reconciliation.


Monday 18

At the end of 2011, an estimated 42.5 million people were living in a place to which they had been forcibly displaced due to conflict or persecution.

Give 10p for every year you have lived in your current home.


Tuesday 19

In countries torn apart by war but now at peace, such as Angola and Sierra Leone, Christian Aid is helping communities to rebuild their lives and to work towards peaceful, long-term development.

Pray for lasting peace and reconciliation for communities recovering from conflict, especially those in the news at this time.


Wednesday 20

Four out of five refugees are hosted by developing countries, many of whom provide refuge despite their own national challenges, including food and water shortages.

Give 20p for each time you stayed with family or friends in the last year.


Thursday 21

Sudan’s civil war claimed more than 2 million lives, mainly due to hunger rather than as a direct result of the combat. Fighting disrupted farming, and raids by combatants took the little food farmers had left.

Give 20p for each conflict mentioned in the news today.


Friday 22

At least 37.6% of the world’s population live under authoritarian regimes.

Give £1 if you did not use your vote in the last local or general election.


Weekend 23 & 24

Colombia has the second highest number of internally displaced people in the world. In the last 25 years, the armed conflict has forced more than 8% of the population off their land. Christian Aid partners, local communities and their leaders, like Misael (pictured) risk their lives to speak out, calling on the government to protect their lives and their rights.


Pray for safety and strength for people all over the world who face violence and persecution for taking a stand against injustice.