Count Your Blessings – Week 3

In week 2 I raised another £2.80 for Christian Aid bringing my total to £5.60 by raising money with their Count Your Blessings program.

This week's theme is Food and Justice.


Monday 25 February
Hunger is the world’s number one health risk. Every year, it kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.
Give 50p for each meal and 20p for each snack you will eat today.
Tuesday 26 February
Almost 1 billion people don’t have enough to eat and go to bed hungry every night, even though the planet produces enough food to feed everyone.
Give £1 if you threw food away last week.
Wednesday 27 February
In the UK, less than 15% of average household expenditure goes on food and non-alcoholic drinks. In developing countries, people spend 60-80% of their incomes on food.
Give 60p if you spend less than 60% of your income on food.
Thursday 28 February
Food price rises hit the poorest hardest. Between 2011 and 2012, maize prices rose by 174% in Malawi. 
Give 10p for each tin of food in your home. Help fight hunger and poverty by holding a fundraising Super Soup Lunch for your Lent lunches. Visit to find out more.
Friday 1 March
Guatemala has the fifth highest percentage of malnourished children in the world, despite being a middle-income country. Tax dodging by companies means that it has insufficient income to tackle the problem of hunger.
Give £1 if you have ever grumbled about having to pay tax.
Weekend 2 & 3 March
With the UK hosting the annual G8 summit (a meeting for the government leaders of eight of the world’s most powerful economies) this year, 2013 represents a historic opportunity in the fight to end world hunger. That’s why Christian Aid is joining together with other agencies to call for a fairer food system that works for all.
Visit to say you’ve had enough of people going hungry and call on our leaders to act.