Count Your Blessings – Final 2013

So another Lent has passed. Our easter week saw us away on holiday visiting various places around Colorado. Good Friday we returned back to Denver in the evening but that is all for another post.

On Easter Sunday we woke up at 4:30am to go to Red Rocks which is an amphtheatre built into the foothills to the west of Denver. There we enjoyed a service where the sun broke the plains ahead of us halfway through the service. It was an impressive (if blinding) sight and one worth experiencing. We then headed home, napped for a couple of hours and then hung out with Sarah and Ethan the rest of the day. Playing lots of Settlers of Catan, watching British Touring Cars and eating roast lamb. A good day.

This year Beth and I both once again completed our Count Your Blessings challenge. It was another though provoking activity and it allowed us to raise money for a good cause. Over the last seven weeks the thoughts for the day led me to raise £30.05 for Christian Aid which we will send to them by cheque. It was a worthwhile thing for us to do as it is a chance to take stock.